Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – rent a car airport Otopeni anytime you want

Finding a cheap way to travel around Romania could be kind of difficult, especially for foreign people, but there is an option which you may find it perfect for you. This option we have mentioned is to rent a car airport Otopeni from one of the biggest car rental company in Bucharest, has been on the market for a long time now and it definitely has different offers regarding car rentals for either long or short term. Therefore, if you are interested in this way of travelling you should consider to rent a car airport Otopeni from right away.

How to rent a car airport Otopeni?

In order to rent a car airport Otopeni you must choose one of the two ways of renting a car from, which is booking a car by completing a form on the company’s site or by contacting an agent of the company. 

But before booking the car you want to make sure you already know the period of time for the car rental as well as the date on which you will be returning the car to the company’s garage. Other information regarding the type of the rented car can be mandatory in order to provide the wanted car for you, but if you don’t have any preferences on that you can also choose your car from a list. 

On it is quite simple to rent a car airport Otopeni on anytime of the year, so what are you waiting for? Book your car right away!

Prices to rent a car airport Otopeni

About the prices that demand for the services of rent a car airport Otopeni, we can say they are less expensive in comparison to other car rental providers. On there are three categories from which you may choose your car, based on the prices they have per day: automatic, compact and economy. 

The cars included in the economy category have the lowest prices on starting from 19 euros per day, without affecting in any way the quality they present. The other two car rental categories have faster cars, indeed and the prices for rent a car airport Otopeni from this categories are higher than economy, but they are still affordable.

The cars our company provides are the best you can find on the market, but there are situations when a rented car has different issues with engine, for example. If you find yourself in this situation you don’t have to worry about this, because our company takes full responsibility and we will replace your car with a new one in no time. 

Also, in this cases when the rented cars present malfunctions, we will not ask you for additional payment in order to receive another car. The company respects their clients and tries to find the best ways of solving any problem the clients may encounter when they rent a car airport Otopeni!

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